Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#120 Beautiful Harmony

I have long been a lover of music.  From a very early age I would sit and listen to my uncle and step-father play the guitar and I was always so impressed with the music they could make.  That love eventually spilled over into me also learning the guitar.  Around the age of 14 or 15 I got together enough money to buy my first guitar--an electric one-- from a local pawn shop in North Carolina and I borrowed a cheap little amplifier from a friend of mine.  Of course I was not a Christian during those early years of learning the guitar so I tried to play all the rock and roll tunes that I loved as a teen ager.  I am sure there were small animals across the neighborhood and certainly my family who were wishing I would just give it up.  The only thing worse than hearing someone fumble around trying to learn the guitar is when that instrument is amplified and blaring at loud volumes.

Certainly now both my tastes and abilities have changed.  I no longer listen to nor attempt to play the secular offerings of the day and I can actually play at a level of proficiency that most folks can tolerate.  No, I am not a professional guitarist but I sure love to play.  In fact, I love stringed instruments in general and have recently been trying to learn the cello.  I am having a blast with that wonderful instrument and I am actually coming along fairly well.  But whether it's guitar or cello you need more than skill.   In order for the instrument to even begin to played in both a recognizable and enjoyable manner the instrument must be in tune.  The guitar has six strings and the cello only four but they must be in tune!  If one string is out of tune it messes up the sound of the entire instrument. And if it's out of tune the notes or chords are not what they should be and instead of beautiful, soothing music being played you have a frustrated musician and a tortured listeners!

As I think of God's truth I think we find a similar idea.  God's truth has been spread from Genesis to Revelation and each point of truth is like a string on an instrument.  Each point of truth brings in a certain aspect or idea as it relates to what the Lord wants to share with His children.  As we search the Scriptures we discover that those points of truth mesh together like the flowing notes in a piece of music.  And each point of truth is in beautiful harmony with the other points of truth around it.  They do not and cannot contradict one another or else the foundation of truth is eroded and falls away.  If we find the Bible to say one thing in one place and something totally contrary in another place then how or why should we trust the Bible?  The answer is that we could not and should not.

But I thank the Lord that we can trust the Bible, Amen?  But in order for that to remain true we must allow the Scriptures to be their own interpreter (2 Peter 1:20, 21).  If we attempt to impose our own thoughts, ideas, or presuppositions upon God's word then it will sound "out of tune."  It will not sound that way because the Bible is wrong and cannot be trusted but rather because we have forced our ideas to take the place of our loving God's ideas.  This leads us to some important questions that we must all ask ourselves: 1.) When I read the Bible do I let it speak and share what it has to offer, or do I read the Bible looking for ways that I can prove what I think is right?, 2.) If I truly read the Bible and let it speak to my life what would be different in my Christian walk?, and 3.) Have I been adding to or taking away from the Bible causing God's clear message of truth to be "out of tune?"  We must honestly answer these questions so that we are not working against the Lord and His mission.

It is my humble prayer that each of us will always allow the Bible to speak clearly without our interruptions and to also have the final word regarding all spiritual matters.  When we do so God' truth will fill our hearts with a beautiful harmony that rings true with us and in heaven.  Choose today to bring your will into harmony with God's will as He has lovingly revealed to us in the Bible.  I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.