Friday, June 12, 2009

#41 Type O Negative

Romans 5:9 NASB “…having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him.”

Blood is an amazing thing. The Bible refers to blood as containing life of a living being (Genesis 9:4). Without our blood we cannot survive. Blood flows through our lungs and picks up life sustaining oxygen. The blood has a specialized protein called hemoglobin that allows the blood to carry oxygen to the cells where it can be used. Of course our blood contains other substances too. One of the substances contained in blood actually has helped many college students afford to buy groceries. Plasma is a yellowish substance in which the blood cells are suspended. Plasma makes up about 55% of the total volume of blood and it is collected through a process call plasmapheresis (plaz-ma-fu-re-sis). This process actually pulls the blood out of the donor, spins the plasma out of the blood and then reintegrates the blood back into the donor. Plasma collection facilities will pay donors for this life saving substance.

Something that we most often hear about when we talk about blood is the type. Because it is a complex subject and I am not a hematologist, I will not attempt to explain how and why blood is typed. Suffice it to say that when each of us requires blood to be added to our bodies, we need the blood that is compatible with our blood type. I will also not attempt to discuss which blood is compatible with which type. I will say that there is one blood type that can be used with any person in need of blood. That blood type is O Negative (O-). This O- type can be given to any person regardless of the type of blood that is inherent in their body. Type O- is particularly helpful in emergencies when the blood type of a person is not known.

Valuable time that would be used to determine the type of blood can instead be used to treat the injuries or other problems that a patient may be facing. Type O- has the power to save, and blood collection facilities cherish this blood that is found in less than 7% of the people across the United States. When we think of blood many of us are grossed out and would prefer to change the subject. Seeing blood has never really bothered me unless it is my own. Granted, I do not look for opportunities to try and see others bleeding, but I can remain calm when a situation arises that requires me to deal with seeing blood.

However we may view having to deal with blood in the physical world, I am very glad that blood comes into play in the spiritual world. When sin entered the picture back in the Garden of Eden God Himself made the first sacrifice in order to cover Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21). From that point forward there was a requirement of sacrifice. Generation after generation sacrificed animals that were pointing forward to the coming Christ who was the spotless Lamb of God (John 1:29). Of course we know that Jesus was crucified not for what He did; rather “He who knew no sin became sin for us.” (2 Cor. 5:21)

The thing that I love about the sacrifice that Jesus made is that it was universal; not in the sense that everyone’s sins were immediately covered, but rather that the opportunity was created for all to be able to come into a saving relationship with God the Father through Jesus the Son. When Jesus went to the cross He did not go just for one particular race or ethnic group. He did not die just for the rich or just for the poor. He did not die just for men or just for women. When Christ went to Calvary friends He went for all of us with no respect to creed, color, or socio-economic background. In fact the Bible tells us that God sent His only begotten Son so that WHOSOEVER believes in Him will not perish, but they will have eternal life (John 3:16).

Essentially what we see is that Jesus is the type O- that each of us needs to be rid of the disease of sin. No matter what your emergency or crisis in life may be Jesus is the One that you need to turn to in order to find hope and salvation beyond this world of sin and sorrow. You and I need a deep infusion of the blood of Jesus in our lives. If we rely on our blood to save us then we are destined for disaster. If we fail to turn to Jesus and do not accept His gracious donation of our behalf then we are in essence denying the very blood that was spilled out to wash away our sins and to bring us into a saving relationship with our Holy God (Isa 1:18). I appeal to each of you tonight to allow the blood of Jesus to cover your life.

Pause long enough to ask yourself if you are truly allowing Christ to have total control. If you are not giving Him full access to your life then stop what you are doing and pray that the Lamb of God will allow His saving, type O-, holy blood to be poured out to wash away your sins. It is only in that fountain that flows from Emmanuel’s veins that you and I will see the world of peace and hope that our Father has provided for us beyond the cares of this life.

Dear Father,

It is my prayer this evening that each of us will come to a state of full surrender and give our lives over to You by accepting the sacrifice that Jesus paid on Calvary’s cross for each of us. Please forgive us where we have failed You Father, and please wash away our sins that our record may be clean because of what Jesus has done for us. Let us accept without reservation the cleansing power of His blood and may we stand justified before You just now because of what Jesus has done. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

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