Friday, December 3, 2010

#71 Obstructed View

Habakkuk 2:4 ...the just shall live by his faith.

Do you recall when you first got your drivers license? I do. I was so excited to have a measure of freedom. Yes, I had to be home when mom and dad told me to be there, but I no longer had to beg people for a ride here or there. Of course I soon found out gas was not free so my availability of funds dictated just how much "freedom" I actually had.

Along with learning how to be conservative with gas and not letting my friends run me all over creation was the job of adapting to those with whom I had to share the roads. It's amazing that before I had my license I did not really pay that much attention to how other people drove. Sure, I saw some crazy things before I was driving, but after I was behind the wheel my eyes were opened to all the nuances of how others operated their vehicles. And honestly some people's driving flat out scared me.

Another thing that bothered me while driving was when I would get behind a large vehicle like a semi truck, big box trucks, or even a school bus. When you get stuck behind a large vehicle it makes it hard to see around and know what's coming. These vehicles also drive much slower than smaller ones. Having driven a truck for several years I now know that big trucks move slower because of their gearing and the heavy loads they haul, but as a lead-footed teenager I hated following bigger vehicles. Yes, because they were slow but mainly because I could not see around them. It was sort of like being partially blinded.

The reality is that I was so bothered by following those vehicles because they limited my control of the situation. Sometimes I would get so impatient that I would attempt to pass those vehicles even when it was not safe to do so. How may times did my guardian angel have to reach out and save me from myself? Life is just like that some times. We get behind a big problem that is not being resolved fast enough for our liking and we become impatient and when our impatience builds up the stress drives us mad and to the point where we make rash, even foolish decisions.

One of the great things about being a Christian is that we can take a different approach to life. Yes, big problems come into the lives of God's people and even we as Christians get overly anxious or excited from time to time, but one of the awesome things about being a Christian is that we have a connection to the God of the universe, our Redeemer Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. And while our emotional and spiritual vision may become obstructed from time to time as big, slow, awkward problems end up in front of us, we must never forget that we serve a God whose vision and insight is never blocked by anyone or anything.

So the next time you feel trapped by one of life's big problems why not take time to stand still and let God help you get around it? It may take longer than we want for it to, but if we will patiently wait upon the Lord He will always deliver us from each situation is His time. Adopting this approach to life will give us that Christian walk that is dependent upon faith and not mere human sight or reasoning.

Dear Father,
We give You thanks for being such an awesome God. Thank You for taking care of all of our needs even when we do not see it or appreciate it. Please help us, Lord, to learn to let You lead in all areas of life. We want You to clear our view so we may see what You want us to see. We ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen.

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