Friday, January 20, 2012

#100 High Value Target

Some things in life are worth more than other things. When we consider people we know, again, some are ranked as more important than others. Not because one human life is worth more than another's but because we may be more deeply connected to one person more so than another.

In combat, certain leaders in a given group of Soldiers are considered High Value Targets (HVTs). This status is given for several reasons. The person may be a commander and their capture could compromise sensitive intelligence data. Chaplains are considered HVTs as well because of the blow to morale and spiritual security that capturing or killing them would cause to people of faith.

In the eyes of heaven, in the eyes of our loving, Creator God each one of us are also considered HVTs. Not because we are players in an earthly battle against flesh and blood but rather because of our spiritual battle against principalities and the powers of darkness in high places. In other words, the enemy of our souls, Satan, would like nothing more than to destroy us and everyone around us. But because we have been purchased by the blood of Jesus we have a value that is worth more than anything this world can afford to pay. The high value of our purchase from sin coupled with the fact that Satan has a target on us as the object of his snares and deceptions equates to each one of us who accept Christ being HVTs.

But many of us walk around seemingly unaware of our intrinsic value. We get down on ourselves and the world around us and buy into the lies of this world that would have us to believe that our value is tied to our wealth, academic accomplishments, our network of friends, or any number of other fleeting, temporal qualifiers. The Bible does not teach pop psychology that shifts with the popular tides of opinion and secular influence. It is pop psychology that says we should build a child's self esteem, make them feel good about themselves, and prop them up on the fragile niceties of false appearances.

The Bible teaches that we all have value because Christ died to purchase us from sin and the grave. He did not buy us with silver or gold, but with the blood of Divinity. That purchase gave us not self esteem, but intrinsic self worth. Again, making us very valuable targets of the enemy. I just want to live each day alive in the knowledge that I am special in the eyes of God. I want to live knowing that if He had it to do all over again Jesus would die the death of the cross just to save me. I want to live knowing that I am an HVT. And since there is a target on my back because of the banner over my heart may I live to honor the God who ever lives to protect His own.

Isn't it time that God's children started acting like they know to whom they belong? Isn't it time that we start actively seeking to bring others under the blood stained banner of Christ? Yes, I know it makes them a target too when they accept Jesus, but better to be a target of the enemy than the condemned of God. Because being a target means also that we are heirs to the glory of heaven. Choose today whom you will serve. By God's grace I choose to be a target.

Dear Father in Heaven,
Thank You for choosing us to worship You. Thank You for protecting Your own from the deceptions of the evil one. Thank You for making us valuable. Teach us to live as those who have value. Teach us to live as those who are engaged in spiritual warfare. And ultimately, please teach us to trust You to see us through till the end. We need You, we love You, we adore You. Come soon and take us to be with You. We pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

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