Saturday, March 17, 2012

#107 Regarding Time...

Keeping up with the time is as basic to human life as about anything else we do really. Each day we have places to be and people to see; all of which is coordinated and directed by the mighty clock. The busier our life the more we are managed by the clock. Then twice a year we get a wrench thrown into the works of our lives as we either spring forward and lose an hour out of our day or fall back and add an hour to the day. I really have never paid much attention the switching of the times but for some people it really throws them for a loop.

My issue with time has always been trying to do too much in the given amount of time allotted for a particular task. I am not sure if I am adrenaline junkie and just love the rush of having multiple tasks to complete under pressure or if it has just been poor planning in managing my time; maybe a mix of the two?

Regarding time, each of us should really pay attention to the times in which we live. If you are a student of Bible prophecy then it is really pays to pay attention because it becomes very apparent very quickly that we are fast approaching the second coming of Christ.

While Jesus was on the earth He made it a point to tell us what to look for so that we would know the second coming was near. Matthew 24 and Luke 21 are two places that tell of Jesus' warnings and giving of signs. He said that one of the signs that His coming is near will be that our society will be similar to how it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37). So it begs the question, "How was it in the days of Noah?" Well, according to Genesis 6:5 men were wicked and the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually.

It does not take a theologian to look around and see that much of the world is filled with evil thinking people who desperately need a savior; who need Jesus. Yes, friends since we live in a time in earth's history that is drawing us closer and closer to the coming of our Lord it is time that we take the gospel commission that much more seriously.

It is time to awaken from our own spiritual slumber and make sure the blood of Jesus is over the doorpost of our hearts. It is time to be bold in our witness for Christ. It is time that we step out of our comfort zones and take a risk for the sake of the gospel message. People are looking for peace in this troubled world and those of us who have Jesus know that peace is only a prayer away.

I pray that each of us will commit to sharing our faith more and more each day as the Lord gives us opportunity. I pray that we will have the faith to reach out to our families and friends who do not know the truth as it is in Jesus and share with them in a kind, compassionate way just how important it is to have a connection with Christ. What time is it? It's time to be about our Father's business.

Dear Father God,
Thank You for giving us Your holy word in the Bible. Thank You for the plan of salvation that redeems us from sin and its penalty. Please teach us to be mindful of the times in which we live and please place within us the desire to want to reach souls for Your kingdom. Give us the courage to partner with You in reaching the world around us. We praise You and ask these blessings in the holy name of Jesus, Amen.

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