Saturday, May 12, 2012

#110 Hidden Dangers

There are dangers all around us in this world. Some dangers are quite apparent while others are more subtle or hidden all together. We take all sorts of measures to keep ourselves safe and out of harm's way. We wear seat belts and buy cars with airbags to protect us in case of an accident. Construction workers place all sorts of reflective markers around their job sites to highlight potential dangers. Electronics come with warning labels that tell us what not to do. Safety-conscience motorcyclists wear helmets and protective gear for maximum comfort and safety while riding. We place plastic covers over electrical outlets to protect our children. And the list could go on and on, right?

Yes, this world is a dangerous place in which to live and we as inventive, creative human beings have worked hard to make it safe to live in. It's amazing to me that much of what we strive to protect ourselves from are things we as a human race have created. Not too long ago I came home for a short break and decided to check the mail when I arrived. Our mailbox is mounted on the side of the house near the front door. But oddly it is mounted a bit higher than it should be; meaning that to see everything in the mailbox I have to tip up on my toes. No, I am not really tall but 5'7" is a fairly average height, right? So as usual I stepped outside, raised the lid, and proceeded to get the mail, but instead of tilting up on my toes like normal I just stuck my hand in to retrieve our mail.

As my hand went in I begin to feel the mail and then I felt a stinging pain between my fingers. Of course I popped up on my toes peering into the mailbox to check things out. There in the mailbox was a piece of junk mail printed on rigid, thin card stock and I had jammed my hand right down on top of it causing a deep paper cut between my fingers. Ouch! Paper cuts, while not normally deadly, hurt like crazy; especially when they are between your fingers. Ouch again!

Well, as evidenced by my writing this message, I survived the surprise attack by the junk mail bandit. But it made me think about the hidden spiritual dangers that are all around us. If we are not tuned into what the the Bible teaches us we can be sucked into the Devil's traps; we can be misled to away from God's truth. Yes, spiritual dangers are all around us but it takes an eye that is connected to Christ in order to perceive the dangers. Our only true safeguard from these dangers is to not live in a cave segregated from the rest of the world, but rather to live with a daily connection to the Savior. He alone is our Shield and Defender. He alone our Refuge.

Dear Father God,

We thank You for the mighty provisions that You provide for us. No doubt, without You, Lord, we would be lost and destitute. Please teach us to see the hidden dangers of this world. Please teach us to walk daily by Your side. We give You thanks and ask this prayer in Jesus' name, Amen!

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