Friday, February 10, 2012

#103 Storing Up

I recently read a news story that was concerned about the animals that are hibernating. Their concern stemmed from the fact that this winter has been fairly mild across the country, and because of the mild winter there is a fear that hibernating animals will come out of their sleep too soon. I suppose time will tell.

Hibernation occurs in many animals. Bears, prairie dogs, bats, badgers, and some rodents are among those that hibernate. During hibernation the body temperature drops along with the animals metabolism. Breathing also slows during this deep sleep. In order to survive the winter in this state animals must work hard to pack on the pounds in the fall before the onset of winter. It is the stored fat that allows the animal to survive without eating during this time period.

As we look around this world we can quickly see that we are in the autumn of this earth's history and a spiritual winter is coming when God's people will see persecution again. In Matthew 24 Jesus told us that just before His second coming that our world would become like it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37). And according to Genesis 6:5 we read how the wickedness of mankind was very great and the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually during Noah's days.

Each newscast, blog, cable news network, and scores of anecdotal stories declare that we are fast approaching a state of affairs in this world such as it was in the days of Noah. No, I am not trying play the alarmist here, but allegiance to the Word of God demands that we take notice of the age in which we live so that those of us who know Christ can help those who don't get to know Him. And now is the time to store up on the Word of God. Now is the time to share the love of Jesus with a dying world. Now is the time to declare the nearness of the coming of Christ.

The Bible speaks of a time when God's people will be persecuted because of their faithfulness (Revelation 13:16). Some have said that history forgotten is history that is destined to be repeated. Let us not forget that there were times when it was illegal to own a personal copy of the Bible. If armed men came to your home and forcibly took away your Bible would you even miss it? Have you committed the Word to your memory so that if your Bible where taken away it would not matter because it's hidden in your heart? Sadly, I think that for too many of us if our Bible were gone we would have no spiritual fat to draw from during the famine for God's holy Word.

Friends, we live in very serious times. I challenge you to consider your priorities. And if spending time in the Word of God is not one of your priorities then I hope you will make a change. Partner with God to help you store up on His Word now so that you can have the assurance and peace that is found in the Word when Bibles are not stacked around you.

Dear Father God,
You have told us that today is the day of salvation. We know this truth because You have shared it through Your Word. Teach us to treasure the Word, Lord. Please teach us to store up now while time is our friend. Place within us a desire to save souls for Your kingdom, and fill us with Your Spirit. We praise You and ask these things in Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

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