Friday, February 17, 2012

#104 Outside Looking In

As a young boy I wanted desperately to play peewee baseball for my school. We were the hornets and we wore black, yellow, and white uniforms. Somehow I convinced my parents to take me for tryouts and by stroke of another miracle I made it on the team and was assigned to right field. But even though I made it on the team it was quickly apparent to everyone that baseball was not my sport. Most of the time I did not even go out on the field but stayed in the dugout watching the team lose. I wanted more than anything to be good at baseball. I wanted to be out there playing with my team and I actually wanted to be able to help them win. Looking at the other boys play from behind the chain links was not my idea of a good time in the least.

I know I am not the only one who has ever wished they could be good at a particular sport. Countless millions just like me have wished they were able to be good at sports, but like me they are relegated to the ranks of the spectators. But there came a time when I discovered a venture that does not require me to be athletically inclined. I learned that God calls us all to be soul winners and that He does not put anyone on the bench, so to speak.

When we accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord then we are also accepting the call to carry the good news of the Gospel to all people. Just before Jesus left this earth He told His disciples to go to all people in every country; baptizing them and teaching them how to be disciples. And any one of us that will accept His call can and will be used by the Lord to bring others to Him. No one has to sit behind the fence of life watching others engage in soul winning while they hold down the proverbial pews. Jesus wants all of us to be involved in seeking others for Him to save.

But not all of us accept His call. Far too many of us desire to be bench/pew warmers instead of actually getting in the game. I wonder how many people could have been saved if each of us took this call seriously? I wonder how many more would be numbered with the saints of God if all of His people actually desired to share Jesus with the world around them? Friends, this world will not last forever; the Bible makes that clear as a bell. So if time is short--and it is--what will we do to make use of the time that we have?

It is my deep and earnest prayer that each of us who profess the name of Christ will never be content to stand on the outside looking on as others work for the salvation of souls. May each of us partner with the Lord and seek daily for someone to win for Jesus. God does not need your ability friends; He wants your availability. And if you and I give ourselves to the Lord He will put us on the field, He will coach us, He will train us, and ultimately He will empower us. Let today be the day that you choose to partner with the Lord for the salvation of a world in need of the Savior.

Dear Father,
I am so glad that You want to use us to do the work of soul winning on this earth. Angels could do it and would love to do so, but You have called us. You have called fallen, redeemed human beings to be the vehicle by which Your message of salvation reaches other fallen humans. Please give us a love for souls, Lord. Please give us a desire to be more than spectators. Please empower us to do Your will. We pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

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